Welcome to my lair of inter-web despair. OK, it isn't really that bad.

Hello, my name is Jezra. I'm a software/web developer, musician, and all around general tinkerer living is golden California. As a knowledge seeker I like to spend my time in the persuit of:
  • software development
  • playing music
  • human locomotion
  • photography
  • competitive whisker growing
  • tinkering
  • some of this, some of that
and quite a few other things as well.

If you have a problem, and you can't get the A-Team, MacGyver, or the Ghostbusters, drop me a line, I might be able to help (credentials available upon request).

Oh yea, I also like a nice cup of coffee.

Sat 3 Sep 2016

A few days ago, the urge to create an internetted thingy was upon me. Recently, I had been reading documentation regarding machine to machine communication using MQTT as well as BLE, and then I took a quick look at my tinker pile. The amount of neat things that I purchased for use in a project was far too high.... and then it hit me: LESS HOARDING, MORE MAKING!

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Thu 9 Jun 2016

Recently, I was given a 1 gallon pot with some yellow water lilies in it. The lilies could be planted near the edge of my pond, but my pond is seasonal and the edge is always changing. There is no point in planting a flower on the edge of a pond when, in a few weeks, the edge will be 10 feet from where the flowers were planted.

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Wed 4 May 2016

A few months ago, a special someone told me they were going to be traveling to Petaluma and asked if there was anything I would like them to get for me. As it so happens, one of my favorite beers is brewed in that area: Oyster Stout by HenHouse. Unfortunately, it isn't possible to get Oyster Stout in a bottle. Fortunately, the beer is available in a growler . :)

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