Welcome to my lair of inter-web despair. OK, it isn't really that bad.

Hello, my name is Jezra. I'm a software/web developer, musician, and all around general tinkerer living is golden California. As a knowledge seeker I like to spend my time in the persuit of:
  • software development
  • playing music
  • human locomotion
  • photography
  • competitive whisker growing
  • tinkering
  • some of this, some of that
and quite a few other things as well.

If you have a problem, and you can't get the A-Team, MacGyver, or the Ghostbusters, drop me a line, I might be able to help (credentials available upon request).

Oh yea, I also like a nice cup of coffee.

Fri 12 Apr 2019

Yup. retiring. New posts will be made at jezra.net

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Fri 30 Sep 2016

After five years of decent service and running 24/7, Wind, my media playing machine started having hardware failure issues as well as lingering problems decoding large video files. For a few years now, I had been hoping to find a SBC that would be able to handle my video decoding needs, as well as be able to fit inside of a phone body.

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Sat 3 Sep 2016

A few days ago, the urge to create an internetted thingy was upon me. Recently, I had been reading documentation regarding machine to machine communication using MQTT as well as BLE, and then I took a quick look at my tinker pile. The amount of neat things that I purchased for use in a project was far too high.... and then it hit me: LESS HOARDING, MORE MAKING!

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