A programming language is a fixed set rules based on conditional logic. Being given a puzzle and trying to find a solution by making an interwoven chain of logic commands is the beauty of programming. Sometimes, one just needs to scratch an itch.

I enjoy learning new things. Currently, I have been experimenting with the Vala programming language. Although it is a young language, it seems like a great tool for a variety of jobs.

Based upon the past and present, I have programmed in:
  • Ruby
  • Java
  • Vala
  • PHP
  • Python
  • RealBasic
  • Lingo
  • ActionScript
  • Apple Script
  • Basic (on an Apple IIe)
  • Pascal (on an Apple IIe)
  • C
  • Classroom Suite Script
  • Nullsoft Install Script
  • Javascript,HTML,CSS

The majority of my desktop software creation is done in Vala or Python and my web creations utilize PHP,HTML,CSS and a MySQL backend.