PagePlayer : javascript audio thing

PagePlayer is a collection of javascript functions that will create a fluid jukeboxy audio player, in web browsers that can handle the HTML5 <audio> tag, from a very basic list of items.

For formatting, please view the code of PagePlayer.html For styling, please view PagePlayer.css

An example of PagePlayer in action can be seen by visiting my Music page with a web browser that handles HTML5 audio.


Why doesn't PagePlayer work in Internet Explorer?

PagePlayer will work in any browser that supports the <audio> tag. What this means is that Internet Explorer doesn't support the tag, and the chance that when Internet Explorer finally supports the tag, there won't be support for OGG files.

Why OGG and not MP3?

It isn't my decision to make, but if it were, I would make the same decision. The mp3 file format is owned by a company that sells licenses to people wishing to include the mp3 file format in their products. Since licensing prices for something like this would be based on the number of products sold, a quality browser like Firefox, which is available for free, wouldn't be able to pay for the license.

The OGG format (technically ogg vorbis , on the other hand, is "a fully open, non-proprietary, patent-and-royalty-free, general-purpose compressed audio format" which means anyone wishing to use ogg in their products are welcome to do so for free. The real question should be "Why doesn't Internet Explorer support ogg"? Some one needs to file a bug with MicroSoft.