bwwtolily : .bww to .ly converter

The Need

If there is one thing Linux needs, it is more bagpipe sheet music! Unfortunately, most of the available bagpipe sheet music available on the internets these days is in bww or bmw format and there are no Linux applications to process those files.

However, the lilypond music notation system, which does work on Linux, is capable of creating wonderful PDFs of bagpipe sheet music (if one takes the time to transcribe bagpipe music into lilypond format)

If only there were some piece of software to streamline the process, and convert bww files to the lilypond format....

The Solution

bwwtolily will attempt to convert a .bww or .bmw file to a parsable file. Not all of the embellishments get converted properly, this is especially true with piobaireachd, and the program will list the embellishments that were not converted.

If you recognize an embellishment that isn't being parsed, please send an email regarding the embellishment to and I will try to add the embellishment to the application.

bwwtolily -i /path/to/a/bww/file

optionally, using the '-l' flag will try to run lilypond on the created .ly file

bwwtolily -i /path/to/bww/file -l

Happy Piping!