vattery : a battery monitor
Vattery is a battery monitoring application written in Vala that will display the status of a laptop battery in a system tray. In the vattery preferences, a user can select a program to run when the battery power gets to a certain percentage.

Mouse over the status graphic to view the percentage of battery power left. If the graphic is blue, the battery is charging. If the graphic is red, the battery is draining. The colors can be changed in the preferences panel.

The preferences panel can be accessed by right-clicking on the status graphic and selecting 'preferences'.

  • GTK with librsvg(for SVG support)
  • acpi (not needed for compiling, only for reading battery information)

Why? On my laptop, openbox and fbpanel handle my windowing and panel needs but there didn't seem to be a battery monitor for the systray.

If you are really bored, you can read the thread from the Linux Outlaws forum that was the inspiration for Vattery.

Questions, Feature Requests and Bug Reporting is now being handled on the vattery page at