SAP : a command line audio player
SAP (Simple Audio Player) is a command line audio player written in vala and utilizing the gstreamer library for audio playback and Ncurses for an interactive interface. As such, sap will be able to play any audio file that gstreamer is capable of playing. Aside from local files, sap can also play files from the internet over HTTP.

-command line arguments-
-l input file is a list of audio files
-r play list randomly
-c play list continuously

The following keypresses will control sap as it is playing:
Space Bar : pause
q : quit
Down Arrow : volume down
Up Arrow : volume up
Left Arrow : seek back
Right Arrow : seek forward
SHIFT+Left Arrow: play previous file in list
SHIFT+Right Arrow: play next file in list
b: play previous file in list
n: play next file in list

For VI(M) users, the "h,j,k,l" keys behave in a similar fashion to the Arrow keys.

Vala ( for compiling)

I'd like to thank Jonathan Kulp for creating the sap man page and really putting sap to use.

Questions, Feature Requests and Bug Reporting is now being handled on the Sap page at